Project Overview

With a legacy of pioneering innovation and extensive domain knowledge, Nichrome stands as a trailblazer in the Indian machine manufacturing industry. Since 1977, they have been at the forefront of next-generation packaging technologies, revolutionizing the sector. As a leading designing agency, we have partnered with Nichrome to propel their success in the digital realm.

The Challenge

In our collaboration with Nichrome to elevate their digital strategy, we faced and conquered significant challenges. These tests, though demanding, significantly contributed to the enhancement and efficiency of Nichrome’s digital presence.
As a crucial component of Nichrome’s brand revitalization, IN-DIGITAL was tasked with translating the new brand identity, architecture, and positioning to the online sphere. Nichrome sought a comprehensive digital strategy spanning various platforms.


B2B: Packaging


Website Development

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Lead Generation

Search Ads

The Solution

After carefully studying the market and analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, we came up with a clear plan for how Nichrome's brand should look online. We then used this plan to design their website.
Our team at IN-DIGITAL created a website that's easy to use and filled with useful information. We organized the information into different sections so it's easy to find what you're looking for. We made sure to include all the details about Nichrome's wide range of expertise and offerings. The main goal was to make it simple for visitors to find the solutions they need and have a positive experience with the Nichrome brand.
We also managed Nichrome's presence on social media by creating content that suits different platforms. This way, Nichrome could connect with customers on various online platforms and provide a consistent brand experience.

The Result

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