Got the best interior and the best food, but no social media presence? Guess what? That is where the impression of your food brand is falling behind. A great social media presence will boost your business and help your brand reach a global audience. We know that managing the taste of food with the taste of marketing simultaneously can be tricky for you.

This is where Interics Designs, a leading social media marketing agency, comes into play.`With our rich experience, we bring effective strategies and tools to help your brand grow on a larger scale. Here is how Interics Designs leverages social media marketing for your brand –

    1. Connect with your right audience: Our team works closely with your brand to understand the core target audience to build strategies and ideas that will cater for the same. For example, if you own a healthy food chain, then we will be making content that will target a particular segment of the audience who are health-conscious individuals, food enthusiasts, or families looking for quick meal solutions. The content, language, tone, and approach will all be based on the same.

    1. Lead Generating Content: There is no doubt that we will deliver high-quality visuals, but at the same time, we will also create content that your target audience can connect with. Trending reels and ideas will be created by our team that will attract more people to your restaurant. There is no emphasis on sharing mouth-watering images and videos of your dishes but on captions and supporting visuals that will leave the viewer with the temptation to visit your restaurant. As a B2C brand, we can always come up with some funny and user-generated content that will keep social media.

    1. Consistent Branding Across All Social Media Platforms: We will also maintain a constant brand identity for your brand across all social media platforms. Like the use of constant colour, the use of fonts, and setting a messaging tone that will also align with your brand values and personality, if you’re wondering how this is helpful, then let us tell you that a consistent brand identity will help your audience stay connected with your brand as well as help you stand out from other competitors.

Our recipe for a robust social media strategy for your brand –

We won’t be just delivering social media posts that have no front and back. We will be sending you a well-thought-out social media strategy that is essential for achieving your business goals. Here are some strategies we would be using for your brand:

    1. Content Calendar: It is important to plan everything, which also includes social media posts, in advance. We will prepare a content calendar for you that will strategize all the posts that have to go on your social media. This will also include posts that will promote your seasonal promotions and special events. Moreover, we will suggest posts that will attract more eyeballs.

    1. Engagement and Interaction: We won’t just broadcast; we will be engaging your brand with the right audience. We will make sure your social media accounts across all platforms respond to authentic comments, messages, and reviews. Interacting with your audience will gain their trust and attention, for example, by sending reservation messages on Instagram.

    1. Influencer Collaborations: Influencers play a vital role in increasing your reach and credibility. We will help your brand get connected with authenticity and engage with food bloggers, chefs, or nutritionists.


We are confident that you now recognize the significance of cultivating a strong social media presence for your brand. As a leading social media agency in Pune, India, and the UK, we prioritize applying social media strategies that areinstrumental in bringing success to your brand. Let’s together help your food brand become the most known restaurant in the vicinity with an impressive online presence, a loyal audience base, and ultimately, paramount growth.  

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