Project Overview

Our collaboration with Sanctuary Hair Salon & Med Spa, a premier luxury spa and salon in Windermere, has been a journey of elevating their digital presence and enhancing their brand recognition. Established in 1999, Sanctuary has become synonymous with top-tier spa treatments in Orlando, led by a team of highly skilled hair stylists and massage therapists. Our partnership aimed to leverage their expertise and create a strong online platform to connect with their valued clients and reach new audiences.

the challenge

During our collaboration with Sanctuary Hair Salon & Med Spa, we encountered challenges that included capturing luxury online, showcasing diverse services without overwhelming, maintaining personal touch digitally, standing out in a competitive local market, conveying quality through visuals, seamless online booking implementation, and accurately measuring the impact of digital efforts on business outcomes.


  • B2C: Cosmetology


Website Development

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Lead Generation

Search Ads

The Solution

To address these challenges, we developed comprehensive strategies that combined creativity and technical expertise. We focused on visually rich content that encapsulated the luxury experience, effectively communicated the breadth of services through well-organized web design, maintained personalized interactions online, employed targeted marketing to stand out in a competitive market, curated imagery that aligned with the real-world experience, implemented a user-friendly online booking system, and established clear metrics to gauge the influence of digital efforts on Sanctuary's success. These solutions allowed us to navigate the challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth and engagement.

The Result

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Increase in LinkedIn followers


Growth in lead generation


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