Project Overview

Our collaboration with Wohr Parking Systems Pvt. Ltd. (WPS) is a dynamic partnership that brings together the expertise of WÖHR Autopark system GmbH, a global leader in car parking systems, and Vyas Group, a diversified company excelling in engineering, software, and hospitality sectors. With a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, we embarked on a journey to elevate WPS’s digital presence and drive impactful business growth.

the challenge

During our partnership with Wohr Parking Systems Pvt. Ltd., we encountered several challenges that required strategic solutions. The technical complexity of car parking systems demanded clear communication of intricate details to a diverse audience. Adapting messaging for a global market while considering regional nuances was essential. Converting technical specifications into engaging content, ensuring lead quality, standing out in a competitive landscape, boosting digital visibility, measuring campaign impact, and orchestrating collaboration among multidisciplinary teams were all hurdles we navigated to achieve successful outcomes.


  • B2B: Parking Systems


Website Development

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Lead Generation

Search Ads

The Solution

To tackle the challenges we faced with Wohr Parking Systems Pvt. Ltd., we devised targeted solutions that aligned with their unique needs. Simplifying technical content involved creating user-friendly visuals and explanations to demystify complex concepts. Crafting adaptable messaging involved extensive research into regional preferences and tailoring content accordingly. Converting technical details into engaging content was achieved through a blend of storytelling and visual aids. Ensuring lead quality required refining targeting parameters and implementing lead scoring mechanisms. Standing out in the competitive landscape involved highlighting Wohr’s innovation and unique value proposition. Boosting digital visibility was accomplished through a comprehensive SEO strategy, improving search rankings and driving organic traffic. Measuring campaign impact was facilitated by establishing clear KPIs and tracking tools. Collaborative teamwork was fostered through streamlined communication channels and project management tools, ensuring effective coordination among partners.

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